Green Energy

The fact that nothing is as constant as change was already formulated by Heraclitus almost 2,500 years ago and it is more topical now than ever before – not only with regard to green energy. Progress is therefore part of ARCA’s DNA. Not only to constantly regulate processes more safely and better, but also to promote the energy change from fossil to natural energy sources. This is one of the reasons why ARCA has been providing technological support for the transition to green energy for many years and is present in hydroelectric power with various applications. We also have a lot of know-how and various control solutions for CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) plants. The supposedly new energy carrier hydrogen should also be included here, for the control of which we also already have a lot of experience and corresponding competences. ARCA is well equipped for all these green and new processes with its extensive product portfolio, above all the ECOTROL® series. ARCA – control the flow for green industries.


Bio mass

The energetic use of organic materials of plant or animal origin is a proven method of resource utilization and can be classified as renewable energy. A shift in thinking and in the utilization of residual materials to valuable materials already took place here years ago. With the establishment of these energy sources, the technical possibilities for converting biomass into other forms of energy have also grown and matured.

Hydroelectric power plants

Our reliable control valve technology for hydroelectric power plants ensures reliable power generation, which is created by utilizing the geodetic height difference between high-altitude sources and the water discharge in the valley. At the high-altitude water reservoir, electricity is generated by the water pressure via a Pelton turbine in the valley. A bypass control valve facing enormous differential pressure is installed in order to protect the process to the turbine. In mountainous regions of Switzerland, Austria, Norway as well as Germany, ARCA's control technology actively contributes to the generation of "green electricity" by hydropower plants.


The industrial use of hydrogen is not as new as current reporting may suggest - its beginnings go back almost 100 years. The element has the lowest atomic mass in the periodic table and is now seen as a beacon of hope and an important building block on the road to climate neutrality.

Solar plants


Energy center Forsthaus West

Consultation for and supply of control technology for the energy center, which supplies the Bern region with a coupled energy mix of hydropower, solar energy and biomass.

Kronospan biomass cogeneration plant

Supply of valves for the water/steam circuit of a biomass cogeneration plant in Luxembourg.

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