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Our high-performance steam-conditioning stations and precisely fitting ECOTROL® control valves are in continuous use in many industrial and large power plants. While the steam-conditioning stations serve to reduce high pressure and high temperature steam in power plants, the ECOTROL®  valves fulfil the diverse tasks for controlling feed water, condensate and steam. The ARCA control valves safely control the flow of the control loops around the boiler, the superheaters, steam turbines, condensers and feed water tanks of the power plant.

Illustration of total process



At ARCA you will find the right control valve for each process step in the boiler of the power plant.


Are you looking for a precise control valve for your condenser in the power plant? We have it!

Feed water reservoir

You can find the suitable control valve for the feedwater tank in the power plant at ARCA.


With us you will find the right control valve for every process step around the turbine of the power plant.

Turbine bypass

Find the right control valve for your turbine bypass now at ARCA!


Kronospan biomass cogeneration plant

Supply of valves for the water/steam circuit of a biomass cogeneration plant in Luxembourg.

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