Claus process

Our ECOTROL® valves, balanced and unbalanced, are suitable for almost all media encountered in the Claus process - from oil, gasoline and diesel to LPG, HC gases and hydrogen, including hydrogen fluorides and sour gas (NACE).

These control valve series are also suitable for cavitation and flashing conditions and are available in nominal sizes DN 15 (1/2″) – DN 700 (28″) as well as PN 16/ 40/ 100/ 160/ 250/ 400 (ANSI 150/ 300/ 600/ 900/ 1500/ 2500). For example, GP240GH / A216WCB is used as standard material. Special versions made of Hastelloy and Monel are available on request. The temperature range for application in the Claus process extends from -196 °C to +570 °C. (series: 8C, 6N, 6H)

Products installed in the application

Control valve

Digital positioner

Pneumatic actuator

Solenoid valves


Filter &
Reducing station

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