Range of services extended
by cooperation agreement

ARCA control valves are in increasing demand in chemical parks. Customers place high demands in particular on the availability and service life of their plants and, accordingly, on the control valves used. A failure not only means isolated failures of batches – not infrequently it can also lead to damage to the plant and cause high financial losses. To avoid these situations, the systems, including the valves, are regularly serviced. In the event of a malfunction, a short reaction time is called for.

The valve workshops located in the parks not only have the local “home advantage”, but also an extensive knowledge of the plant situation. Many of the valve workshops can draw on decades of experience in the repair of control valves. The required regulations of the locations are consistently implemented.

ARCA has therefore decided to cooperate with the workshops located in the chemical parks.
In cooperation with sales, product management and quality management, ARCA service coordinators developed a qualification concept that not only encompasses the training of employees, but also includes other conditions on site.
The following are considered and evaluated: Workshop equipment (including measuring equipment), possibilities of the test bench, inspection of the workstations, with special focus on occupational health and safety, documentation of the valve history.
On this basis, INEOS Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH’s valve workshop was named the first authorised ARCA workshop in March 2021 and the certificate was handed over by the head of ARCA QM to the workshop manager in the presence of INEOS ZAS – Head of Valve Monitoring.

With 40 employees, 10 of them for control valves, the valve workshop repairs about 2,000 valves a year.