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Control valves

Control valve

The ECOTROL® globe control valve is flexible, requires little maintenance and is used as an all-rounder in many processes and industries.

Steam conditioning

Our efficient valves in the field of steam conditioning and cooling for demanding applications and the highest safety standards.

Forged valve

FORGEVENT forged valves are made of forged solid material or die forged bodies.

Double-seated valve

DUALVENT is a double-seated valve that is used for more severe applications.

Three-way valve

TRIVENT three-way valves work safely and reliably as mixing valves and dividing valves in heat transfer technology and processes with sometimes enormous loads.

Hygienic valve

Thanks to its modular design, the BIOVENT® hygienic valve guarantees optimum adaptation to your system and combines freedom from dead space with perfect cleaning options.

Angle valve

A flexible angle valve in modular design. Depending on the process, medium can flow through the control valve in or against the closing direction of the plug.

High-pressure valve

The HIGHPRESSVENT high-pressure valves complete our range of globe control valves with cast iron bodies. The multi-stage valve trims enable safe and low-noise operation.


There are tasks in control engineering that cannot be covered by our standard product range. Here we develop new suitable concepts and process solutions together with you - our CUSTOM-DESIGNED-VENTS.

Our control valves are successfully used worldwide in the most diverse industries. Our modular system allows exact adaptation to your process. One promise unites each of our ARCA valves and all control solutions: controlling your processes safely, efficiently and at the highest technical level. ARCA has more than 100 years of expertise in industrial control technology. Since our patented founding innovation for the control and regulation of industrial processes, we have consistently further developed our control valves and special valves. We would like to present this striving for state-of-the-art technology to you on the next product category pages.

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