Intelligent positioner

The allrounder - the compact solution in the digital world of positioners.

Digital positioner

The intelligent - the digital positioner with a wide range of parameterization and diagnostics.

Analog positioner

The classic - the analog positioner based on the principle of force comparison.

Our positioners are precisely adapted to your control tasks. As a link between the controller and the valve, our ARCA positioners process the incoming signals and convert them into the working level for the valve. From pneumatic to electrical to bus signals, the positioner processes everything and compensates for all negative influences. Adjustments can still be done on all digital positioners on site. The classic mounting according to IEC 60534 (NAMUR) is based on manufacturer-independent mechanical interfaces on the actuator yoke and actuator stem. The direct, integrated positioner mounting is much mor simple, more robust and more vibration-resistant. This is realized with only two screws on the actuator yoke. The feedback lever is located inside the yoke and is therefore better protected than with the IEC 60534 (NAMUR) mounting. With the integrated mounting according to VDI/VDE 3847, standardized mechanical interfaces to the actuator yoke and actuator stem are provided as with the IEC 60534 (NAMUR) mounting. At the same time, however, the actuator interface is a pneumatic interface, so that the actuation pressure is guided into the actuator through the actuator yoke same way as in the direct mounting. The patented ARCAPLUG® feedback lever connects the valve stem with the feedback shaft in our positioners. As a result, our control valves avoid hysteresis, strong vibrations or shocks and thus wear.

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