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  • Series 826
  • Temperature range -20 °C to 80 °C
  • Input signal: 4 to 20 mA
  • Communication: HART® (optional)
  • Case material: Cast aluminum

With the ARCASMART positioner type 826, ARCA has the compact solution in the world of digital positioners. During development, particular importance was attached on the one hand to the design meeting the digital demands of the time and on the other to realization of the simplest possible handling.

Thanks to the use of proven pneumatics and equipment with the latest NCS technology, the ARCASMART digital positioner is used wherever simple, fast and reliable control is required for standard applications.

The intelligent positioner can optionally be retrofitted with our patented ARCAPLUG® feedback lever. This is self-adjusting and guarantees minimal wear and no hysteresis.

This is what distinguishes the ARCASMART positioner:

  • Excellent control performance with proven pneumatics
  • Sturdy construction with aluminium housing
  • Top reaction times for small and large actuators
  • Valve status display in accordance with NE107

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    Constant actual value due to leakage compensation
    Simple to handle thanks to one-button initialisation and plain text display
    Resistant to vibrations and steam hammering by means of the latest NCS technology
    Flexibly usable for linear and rotary actuators
    Integrated pipeless mounting
    Patented ARCAPLUG® feedback lever
    Plain text display with NAMUR NE107 status symbols and only four buttons

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