ARCA Regler GmbH/Energy center Forsthaus West


  • Control valves consisting of:
  • ECOTROL® series 8C / 6N
  • Interaction of over 50 applications
  • Consulting, manufacturing, commissioning
  • Harmonization of multiple asset types at deployment and diverse consumer portfolio at consumers
  • Pressure / nominal pressure rating: 60 bar PN 160
  • DN / Nominal size: DN25 to DN600
  • Long-term service concept

The Forsthaus West energy center

Sustainability has been a matter of course for citizens in Bern, capital of Switzerland, for generations. As early as the 1950s, waste was sorted and only then was non-recyclable waste disposed of. This basic idea of resource conservation has been further developed over decades and is internalized communally.

With the construction of the new Forsthaus West energy center, three types of plant – the waste incineration plant, the wood-fired power plant and a gas and steam turbine power plant – were combined under one roof for the first time. In addition, the existing and steadily expanding energy sources from hydropower, solar energy and biomass were integrated.

Thanks to ARCA’s control technology, this energy mix is used to supply private households, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large customers such as the hospital or university with electricity, water, gas, and district heating – all individually through a closed network. Charging stations for e-mobility are also taken into account.

In the networking of the energy supply, more than 50 applications were linked within the framework of the Forsthaus West energy center. From live steam of 40 to 60 bar at 400 to 485 °C in the bypass to the steam turbine, in order to be able to maintain the combustion process in the event of a turbine failure, then the medium pressure line with 12 bar (a) at 200 °C, and into the low pressure line with approx. 3.6 bar (a) at 150 °C to be further supplied via the water, feed water, main and auxiliary condensate, saturated, low pressure and vapor steam, water glycol, district steam and district heating water systems.

The fact that ARCA was involved in the project at an early stage meant that our many years of extensive experience in process control were able to optimize the overall planning at various points, which in turn had a positive effect on efficiency. This early and close cooperation was intensified when the order was placed, right through to cold and successful hot commissioning.

After the handover to Energie Wasser Bern (ewb) as operator of the energy center, a service concept was developed and implemented together. This enables ARCA to always be involved at an early stage in further improvements and efficiency measures and to ensure the right flow for the customer.

Special features of the ARCA control valves used are:

  • Coupling of water, steam and condensate circuits with “flow” guarantee for the entire energy output
  • Bringing different energy sources into harmony with changing demand without continuous availability through smart control technology
  • All processes fall short of the valid regulations and guidelines, in part significantly
  • All applications could be met with the ECOTROL® and POWERTROL series. Only the interaction of the applications ensures the right “flow” through closely coordinated processes.


Products installed in the application

Control valve

Steam conditioning

Digital positioner

Pneumatic actuator