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ROBOTER Pressure Reducing Stations
ARCA pressure controllers ROBOTER can be used everywhere, where pressures of fluids, gases and steams are to be kept constant.

Special features are the flexible adaptation of measuring range and the variety of mounting possibilities in the ARCA modular system.

The reversible actuator of the pneumatic control valves enables the choice of safety function for the control plant (spring to close or to open).

Typical applications:

  • industrial and municipal power stations

  • application as reducing or overflow controller in steam and condensate circuits

  • as overflow controller for fuel oil, pressure controller for atomising steam or differential pressure controller

  • in steel mills as overflow controller for lubricating oil and cooling water systems

  • at rolling-mill stands as bearing pressure controller

  • in the automobile industry for maintaining constant pressure of cooling and lubricating systems, at transfer channels and machining centres.

Our innovations - how you benefit!

  • Energy saving by exact observation of standard size for your process.

  • Nearly maintenance-free, simple and robust construction. Supervision and control may be done by your fitter or the machinist (no specialists required).

  • Moderate investment costs. The roboter is a controller already proven for decades and in connection with a pneumatic control valve the most moderate form of a pressure control circuit.

  • Minimum installation costs. The roboter is supplied as control circuit ready for connection, completely mounted and checked. After mounting into the pipeline only the process and air connection has to be installed. Then the controller is ready for operation.

  • Versatile in service for detection of measuring data (from the mbar-range with a diaphragm measuring system up to 80 bar with a bellows measuring system) and as mounting programme (max. control pressure of 2 bar).


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