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The classic design: analogue positioner type 824

Positioner type 824 functions according to the tried-and-tested force-balance principle. The pneumatic setpoint standardized signal issued by a pneumatic controller or I/p converter module generates a force on the diaphragm that is balanced with the spring force on the feedback shaft. The resulting difference in force moves the gate valve, which connects the actuator with the intake air or atmosphere, thereby controlling the movement of the valve.

The intelligent design: ARCAPRO® digital positioner type 827A

ARCAPRO® is an intelligent, second-generation positioner. It not only offers a wider range of functions and higher level of reliability, but also features an advanced online diagnostics system and optional maintenance display. The position of the stem is sent to a potentiometer whose output signal is then compared with the setpoint by the microprocessor. Using a special control algorithm, the controller activates the two piezo valves, which connect the actuator with the intake air or atmosphere.
The ARCAPRO® positioner can be operated locally or from the control room.

The starter design: ARCASMART digital positioner type 826

ARCASMART is the compact all-rounder that introduces you to the world of digital technology. It completes the existing positioner family with a starter model, that on the one hand meets the digital requirements of the present day and on the other makes the handling as simple as possible. Further advantages are the sturdy design with aluminium housing, the use of the latest NCS technology, top reaction times for small and large actuators and an excellent control performance with proven pneumatic amplifier. Be ready for industry 4.0 with ARCASMART!


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