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ARCA valves for steam and condensate conditioning
The ARCA Flow Group delivered the valves for the steam and condensate conditioning of a district heating power station. The station now produces, after comprehensive modernisation works, besides district heating power also electricity. The energy carrier natural gas is thereby exploited in an optimal way by the so called “joint thermal power”. Combined with both turbine systems and in combination with a waste heat boiler and heat exchangers, electricity and heat can be produced at the same time extremely efficient.

The range of the delivered valves beginns with the starting bypass over the converter station for medium as well as low pressure rail, that condition the main steam from 65 bar a at 470°C, up to the cooling system for the extraction or also exhaust steam of the steam turbine. Besides the controlling function the ARCA pneumatic actuators also have to fulfil the rapid closure functions of the converter stations save and reliable. ARCA delivered the valve package via the main contractor. A long-lasting cooperation and mutual trust have been the basis for the cooperation.

The main component of the plant is a 20 MW combi-plant consisting of a 14 MW gas turbine with waste heat boiler and a 6 MW steam turbine. In addition to the electricity production the combi-plant generates about 40 MW district heating. The district heating is fed by a well isolated distribution network in form of hot water (80 °C to 130 °C) to the end consumers. The cooled water flows than by way of a second pipeline back into the district heating center, which closes the circuit.

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