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Apprentices’ Stories

Apprenticeship: Industrial Mechanic
Jens Heenen, 17, 1st-year apprentice
Duration of apprenticeship: 3½ years

Even in the first year of my apprenticeship, I'm already working on small projects on my own. I’m involved in all operating processes so I can learn about every aspect of production. The team here is very tightly knit and supports me in every way. In the next year of my apprenticeship, I'll be allowed to help assemble larger valves and rotary drives and calculate and set machine parameters by myself. I really look forward to having this much responsibility so early on. After my 3½ year apprenticeship I'll be able to train as a master craftsman and become an instructor myself, an option I definitely want to keep open.

Apprenticeship: Machinist

Tim Peschken, 18, 2nd-year apprentice
Duration of apprenticeship: 3½ years

I’m now in the second year of my apprenticeship at Arca and I’ve definitely made the right choice. A machinist’s main job is to process metal parts using lathes of all different sizes. The apprenticeship offers many interesting challenges and I work primarily on my own. For me, the best part is the amazing team spirit. The practice tasks we’re assigned at the plant prepare us really well for the exams at the training school. After my apprenticeship, I definitely want to become a master craftsman.

Apprenticeship: Design Draftsman

Stephan Kottal, 24
Apprenticeship completed
Duration of apprenticeship: 3½ years

During the first 18 months of my apprenticeship, I was given an introduction to the basic skills of a design draftsman. Producing dimensionally accurate drawings by hand can be very time-consuming, but is vital to understanding this profession. In the second year, we started using CAD for drawing. At this point I was already fully involved in production. Arca supported me at every stage of my apprenticeship and even taught me things you don’t normally learn during this time. I’m now training to become an engineering technician. Even now, ARCA Regler GmbH continues to support me by allowing me to carry out a project for my course on-site.

Apprenticeship: Industrial Business Management Assistant

Sascha Straeten, 20
Apprenticeship completed
Duration of apprenticeship: 3 years

Arca was recommended to me as a place to do my apprenticeship. I quickly became interested in the international side of operations. After a short application process, I started my apprenticeship as an industrial business management assistant. During the three years of my apprenticeship, I was totally integrated into each of the company’s departments. What I remember most of all about that time was the huge amount of knowledge I gained. This is my fourth year at Arca and I really like it here. I even plan to train as an engineering technician. ARCA is 100% behind me and offers me all the support it can.

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