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ARCA Regler GmbH
Kempener Str. 18
D-47918 Tönisvorst
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Company History

RagnAR CArlstedt originally patented his nozzle-flapper principle in Sweden in 1917. This innovation accelerated the industrial development of the entire sector. One year later, ARCA Regulator AG was founded in Sweden and, in 1922, it was founded in Berlin.

In 1949, after the Second World War, the company was re-founded as ARCA Regler GmbH in Tönisvorst near Düsseldorf by Dr. Ing. Ludwig Kaspers and Adolf Paulsen.

Arca expanded in 1970, opening a second factory in Strotzbüsch near the Mosel river. In 1979, Dr. Ing. Rüdiger Kaspers took over the management of the company from his father.

Arca’s international activities began in the mid-1980s with the founding of ARCA Controls Ltd. in India as a joint venture with Forbes Marshall. 1987 marked the start of a successful cooperation initiative with SAM YANG Comprehensive Valve Co. Ltd. in South Korea as our second joint venture.

Arca began to develop integrated and intelligent valve actuators in 1990, which were then patented worldwide. Technical innovations, documented by numerous patents, have distinguished the company since its founding.

In 1994, a cooperation agreement was reached with von Rohr Armaturen AG in Switzerland and Von Rohr ARCA BV in the Netherlands. In 1995, ARCA entered the Chinese market with its first licensing partner.

This expansion has also continued into the 21st century: In 2000 FELUWA Pumpen GmbH, a manufacturer of high-quality pumps for conveying media containing solids, joined the ARCA Flow Group. It was followed a year later by WEKA AG, a well-known Swiss manufacturer of cryogenic valves and level-measuring instruments.

In 2002, foundations were laid for a collaborative venture with TOA Valve in Osaka in the sales and service sectors for the Japanese market. In the same year, ARCA also began working with METSO Automation (Neles) in the international sales and services sectors for linear control valves.

The newest member of the ARCA Flow Group to date is ARTES Valve & Service GmbH in Berlin, which joined in 2004 expanding the group’s portfolio to include injection coolers and regulation ball valves.

In 2006, Arca opened Guangzhou ARCA Valve Ltd., a local sales office in China. This was a key step to increasing its commitment there. The new production and innovation center at the company’s site in Tönisvorst created more space for production and management, enabling customer orders to be processed efficiently and new, innovative ideas to be put into practice.

In 2008, Arca increased its share in the joint venture in India to 50%, allowing it to make even better use of synergies and India’s market potential in the future.

On July 1st, 2015 Arca founded a US subsidiary situated in Houston/ Texas, in order to serve customers on the American continent on-site.

In 2017/2018 we are celebrating the one hundred year anniversary of the Arca patent and of the company foundation

Left: The company's site in Tönisvorst today: on the left the main wing with adjoining production hall and high-bay warehouse, and on the right the new building housing the assembly line.

Above: An old photography of the company premises in the 60ies

A Swedish share from ARCA.

An old brochure from 1955.

An old brochure from 1950.

An old brochure from 1955.

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