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Pneumatic Pressure-Transformer
The pressure transformer is designed to transform the static pressures of liquids and pulps, as well as the pressures of gases and vapours into a proportional output air pressure. Within a range of 0-25 mbar to 0-4 bar the transformation ratio between input and output is 1:1.

Your advantages:

  • Robust design, maintenance-free and easy to clean

  • Simple mounting and reliable operation

  • Cost-saving transmission of the measuring value due to direct mounting


The transformer is preferably used for the indirect measurement of liquid levels or the contents of vessels, as well as for the measurement of pressures and differential pressures.

The material of the instrument parts is selected according to the medium so that its range of application covers all kinds of industries, especially the chemical-, food-, sugar- and paper industry. It is not only applied for liquids and gases, but also for pulp and media containing crystals and other impurities.

Furthermore, it is very well suitable as separating transformer (particularly with aggressive media) for pressure- and differential pressure transmitters, in the latter case avoiding the zero-suppression of the static height.


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