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We have accumulated decades of experience in the field of control engineering and are constantly finding new and innovative ways to make your control tasks easier. Many of these innovations (well over 100 since ARCA was founded) have been registered as patents, utility models, and design patents. These technical innovations were developed for the benefit of our customers and are continually improved further. Take a closer look – it’s the details that make the difference!

The $64,000 Dollar Question:
How can you recognize an ARCA actuator from a distance?

That's right – from its bright blue colour. Not to mention the characteristic ribbing. We’ve registered this as a design patent – not only in Germany but worldwide – so next time you’ll know when you come across an authentic ARCA actuator. Bright blue colour + ribbing = instantly recognizable quality!

The ventilation plug with the red cap pictured above is another one of our patented solutions.

The ventilation plug is used for the spring chamber ventilation of pneumatic actuators in particular. With the ventilation of the spring chamber, water must be prevented from entering the actuator. On the other hand, it must be ensured that condensation water is drained off. For this purpose, the ventilation plug is twisted into a threaded hole on the spring chamber side. The actuator is ventilated by a labyrinth-like design while rain or water drops are prevented from entering. In applications where the actuator is exposed to a corrosive atmosphere, the integrated ventilation of the spring chamber provides additional protection against corrosion.

Conventional ventilation plugs are extremely expensive to produce. For economical reasons, the plugs and the screwed-in nipple are made of plastic material and not from metal. On the other hand, the simple geometry of ARCA’s screwed-in ventilation nipple is suitable for automated production in metal or in plastic material. The same applies to the ventilation plug.

The screwed connection thoroughly fastened the plug. For this reason, the ventilation plug is prevented from getting loose even if vibrations occur.

Our solution for you!

Easy to recognize at first glance!

A small detail with great effect ...

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