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ARCA Regler GmbH
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D-47918 Tönisvorst
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One of ARCA’s aims is to promote the health of its employees. It achieves this by the following means:

  • All the company’s buildings have a non-smoking policy.

  • All employees can get an annual flu shot at work.

  • Employees can use a cycling pass to record how many kilometers they cycle to work. The one with the highest score wins a prize at the end of the season as well as the employee, who comes to work with his or her bicycle as often as possible.
    The top performance in 2009 has been 2.924 cycled kilometres. An excellent performance of our employee Holger Goss! Stefan Fahl came 107 days within the period fixed with his bike to work. Also a very good performance! ... For the future we hope for even more imitators!

  • The online fitness program "fit@work" encourages employees to do simple exercises at their work stations to improve circulation and maintain a sense of wellbeing. A virtual trainer explains each exercise and can be configured to remind employees to take regular breaks.

  • The "Train the Brain" program e-mails interested employees two teaser puzzles each day that they must solve within five minutes. It has long been known that the nerve cells in the brain are just as easy to train as the muscle fibers in the arms and legs but must be regularly “activated” (especially those that we do not use in our normal day-to-day activities). Studies have shown that people who keep themselves mentally fit are far less likely to develop dementia and tend to remain fit even in old age.

Keep fit – cycle!

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