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Participation in “Jugend forscht”/ "Youth Science"

It is very important to us that our trainees show commitment during their apprenticeships and “think outside the box”.

The “Jugend forscht” (youth science) competition provides a good opportunity for this. For example, Dustin Rustenholz – a trainee at the time and now an ARCA technician – took first place at both regional and state levels in 2005. Later on, in the final round of the national competition in Dortmund, he walked away with the special prize awarded by the Gesamtmetall employers’ association. “Jugend forscht” celebrated its 40th birthday in Germany that same year.

The contribution Dustin submitted focused on ways to remove or replace the seat (sealing ring embedded in the valve) of an ECOTROL® valve, which often becomes stuck through years of use. A special feature of the ECOTROL® valve is that the valve seat also functions as a built-in replacement part, with a second sealing surface on the underside. Removing the seat from the valve body used to be a time-consuming process. In addition, there was a risk of damaging the second, replacement sealing surface on the underside of the seat.

Dustin found a solution that enables the fitter to easily remove the seat from the valve body on site with only a few hand movements and without having to detach the valve body from the piping. After weighing up various alternatives, he opted for a form- and force-locking solution that laterally clamps the seat as a brass crown expands while inserting a small hook under the seat for leverage – a solution with an optimal effect that is easy to realize. The trainee was supported by his instructor, Burkhard Verschüren, and his fellow trainees. It goes without saying that everyone in the company also had their fingers crossed for him!

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