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1. Condensate Drainage Control Valve (Variant I)
The drainage control valve regulates the level in the condenser and directs the condensate back to the boiler feedwater tank or to a process line (series 8C, 6N).

2. Condensate Circulation Control Valve (Variant I)
The circulation control valve regulates the minimum quantity in the condensate pump to prevent the pump from running dry. The spindle seal for this valve must be vacuum-tight so as not to influence the underpressure in the condenser, especially during start-up (series 8C).

3. Motive Steam Control Valve
The vacuum in the condenser is created using a steam-jet pump as the plant is started, when the turbine has not yet reached operating speed. Vacuum pressure is adjusted by the motive steam control valve (series 8C, 6H, 180).

4. 3-Way Distribution Valve (Variant II)
The aforementioned circulation control for regulating condensate drainage can also be realized with a 3-way distribution valve (series 200).

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