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COVID-19 - August 2020
information about the effects on ARCA Regler GmbH

The Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 still has us in its grip. Our actions and our decisions are still being affected by the virus.

After the initial shock we have slowly, and so far successfully, been learning to cope with the virus. We are still focusing in our day-to-day work on complying with all required safety and health measures but we also guarantee our usual customer focus and service.

Our service team is back in action for you, after careful review of all the relevant conditions and local distancing and hygiene regulations. Please understand that our service colleagues cannot make site visits in the event of non-calculable risks or RKI risk ratings.

We are aware that no video tool can replace personal customer contact, but we are still favouring video conferencing for the exchange of information.
This starts with human relations and project discussions and ends with the customer inspection.
For customer inspection we have developed a process for which we can offer photo documentation or even live video inspection. Please contact us.

There are also some occasions which require personal attendance. Here again we place great value on safety and compliance with distancing and hygiene regulations and the wearing of MNP. Under these conditions we are organising or taking part in smaller attendance events.

The next major attendance event for us is the Valve World on 01.12. – 03.12.2020 in Düsseldorf.
We have debated long and hard about whether we want to take part. Without compromising on safety, we do see a chance here to face the circumstances. The hygiene concept of the Düsseldorf trade fair is available. We will also implement a digital solution. Let yourself be surprised.

Your ARCA Team

COVID-19 - March 2020
information about the effects on ARCA Regler GmbH

The Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is bringing many to their limits and the pandemic it has caused is leading to heavy restrictions in the public as well as the private sector. It is astonishing how rapidly and dynamically things are developing. Almost hourly we are having to update within our crisis team and re-assess the situation based on new information and recommendations.

ARCA Regler GmbH has been taking the Coronavirus very seriously since January due to our connection with China and we introduced hygiene measures and communicated codes of conduct early on, for example, avoiding handshakes as greetings. This is because the health of our employees is very important to us.
We therefore feel that we are always one step ahead of the local and national recommendations.

Additionally, we are keeping our supply chains under close watch and we are in close contact with our suppliers and logistics partners. Thus, our second source strategy has stood firm so far. Right now, our supply chains and our production are continuing to function professionally and we can fulfil deliveries to our customers with no change.

We are very concerned to protect the health of our employees while meeting the requirements of our customers to the usual quality standards.

So, we are avoiding personal visits and using more video conferencing. Wherever they can, our employees are working from home and in production we are implementing offset shifts to minimise the possible risk of infection. We are instigating all these measures so as to preserve our connections with our customers.

Nevertheless, these are unusual and unprecedented times and no-one can say how the situation will develop. For that reason, we are re-assessing regularly and keeping our customers proactively informed.

We are naturally available to answer any queries from all our customers and suppliers on the usual telephone numbers or email addresses.

Your ARCA Team


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