Steel mills

For decades, ARCA Regler GmbH has been a firm fixture in the field of control valves for steel mills. Our comprehensive range of control valve technology, digital positioners and pneumatic actuators is well placed wherever the temperature, pressure or flow has to be controlled in the steel mill, be it on CSP plants, on strip cooling lines, cold rolling mills, in steel production and finishing or pickling. We have selected a strip mill for you here as an example of our competence in control valves.

Illustration of total process


Continuous casting plant

Laminar flow cooling

To ensure a wide range of cooling possibilities in laminar cooling, ARCA control valves with large Kvs values and linear characteristics are used here.


Due to steadily increasing strip quality, the cooling water valves for the work rolls inside the intermediate roll stands are designed with specially adapted characteristics. The periodically changing width and thickness of the rolling stock is controlled by a high resolution of the characteristic curve. Cooling water control valves for the hot strip rolling stand are used to increase strip quality and continuously cool the rolls.

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