ARCA Regler GmbH/Products/HIGHPRESSVENT High-pressure valve


  • Series 130
  • DN 15–200 / 1/2“–8“
  • PN 400
  • ANSI Class 2500
  • Temperature range -196 °C to 650 °C

HIGHPRESSVENT high-pressure control valves round off the portfolio of ARCA control valves in the pressure class PN400/Class 2500. Here you have a fully designed casting-based series with our construction kit system at your disposal.

Our high-pressure valves can of course be combined with different plug sets and with different bonnets.

Typical areas of application for these control valves are the oil & gas sectors, in refineries such as hydrogen production or in power plants.

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    Detailed explanation

    High-pressure valve
    Self-sealing bonnet
    Multi-stage pressure reduction
    Flexibility thanks to ARCA modular system
    Pressure seal bonnet design for high tightness
    Process adapted designed plug for stable and precise control

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