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Instrumentation & accessories

Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves perform important additional or safety functions on a control valve.


Boosters are the means to optimize the stroking time.

Signal box

The signal box type 827S can be used to indicate intermediate or end positions.

Temperature controller

The temperature controller Type 910 is an extremely robust meter regulator for temperature.

Pressure controller

The Type 902 Pressure Regulator is a compact meter regulator for pressure and differential pressure and is direct mounted onto a pneumatic actuator.

Filter &
Reducing station

A filter and reduction station is used to provide the supply air with the required pressure and air quality.

Inexpensive local control loops are often set up for simple control tasks such as the control of pressure, differential pressure or temperature. They consist of a valve, a pneumatic actuator and a pneumatic controller, which records the measured variable, evaluates the control deviation, if necessary provides an I ntegral or Differential component in addition to the Proportional behaviour, and thus forms the signal for controlling the actuator. ARCA offers a range of pneumatic controllers and accessories for simple to high demands. In order to be able to use valves optimally in systems, auxiliary functions often have to be implemented in addition to the actual control or regulating task. Whether end position signaling by inductive or mechanical switches, safety-related and, if necessary, redundant valve shut-off by solenoid or blocking valves, increasing the actuating time or conditioning the instrument air – ARCA always offers you the right and proven solution including accessories. ARCA also has the necessary know-how for special applications that require minimal actuating times. Stable, vibration-free and extremely fast control loops for such special applications are created in our workshop with the help of boosters, throttle valves and solenoid valves as well as filter-reducing stations. Highlights Accessories in all common ignition protection classes (also with SIL classification) Wide usage temperature range Actuating times of <1 s, even with large actuators Safety-relevant shut-off via solenoid valve Blocking in case of auxiliary power failure

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