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  • Temperature range -40 °C to 80 °C
  • Control signal: max. 6 bar
  • Actuating force: up to 149 kN
  • Size: 56 – 2.825 cm2
  • Rated travel: up to 250 mm

ARCADRIVE, the pneumatically activated multi-spring diaphragm actuator, is used for almost all high-quality control systems in the most diverse industrial sectors. Not only have all currently valid guidelines for occupational health and safety been taken into account, but also special requirements for sustainability and minimization of effects on people and the environment have been considered.

The unique possibility to attach the positioner with integrated air duct and optional spring chamber instrument air purging leads to completely maintenance-free operation of your system. The instrument air is not only used to actuate the pneumatic actuator; it also purges the spring chamber when the actuator has been depressurized.

In this way, we protect your control actuator against aggressive and corrosive environmental influences. Our actuators thus offer you longer than average life cycles at the lowest cost.

Our wide range of actuators offers the right valve actuator – from very low to very high actuating forces. We manufacture our pneumatic actuator technology completely at our location, where we also develop and manufacture pneumatic actuators that our standard range does not cover. Be it versions for extremely short actuating times or particularly safety-oriented tasks. Optionally, the pneumatic actuators can also be equipped with emergency manual operator.

If electric and hydraulic actuators are also required, you will of course also be optimally served by ARCA in these cases.

This is what distinguishes ARCADRIVE valve actuators:

  • very wide range of actuating forces
  • hysteresis-free control over the entire control range
  • both directions of action possible (air to open or air to close)
  • optionally with explosion protection
  • optionally with emergency manual operator

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    Detailed explanation

    Pneumatic actuator in the standard version
    Integrated air duct
    Diaphragm clamping
    Actuator stem
    Emergency manual operator
    Double-acting piston actuator
    MA pneumatic diaphragm actuator
    811 diaphragm actuator
    814 piston actuator
    Proven rolling diaphragms
    Reversible actuator
    Integrated air supply
    Low volume
    Special venting caps
    Rolling diaphragm in force bypass for the type 812 actuator

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