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Whether rotary or linear – with ARCA’s pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic valve actuators you always have the right solution on hand. ARCA’s comprehensive product catalogue offers a choice of valve actuators ranging from low to very high actuating forces and torques. If requested, we can also develop and manufacture actuators that are optimised for safety-oriented tasks or have extremely short actuating times. Low lifecycle costs are a feature shared by all our actuators.

Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuators
The simple design of our pneumatic diaphragm actuators with a robust power diaphragm makes them universal in application and also ensures hysteresis-free control across the entire actuating range. These pneumatic valve actuators can be opened or closed using spring force or control air – an option that can be switched at any time.

The integrated adjusting spring ensures that the pneumatic control actuator always assumes a defined limit position. This is accomplished with very short actuating times meaning that alongside their control tasks, ARCA diaphragm actuators also play a key role in safeguarding the plant. The pneumatic diaphragm actuators can also be configured for manual emergency intervention if requested.

Electric Actuators
Actuating and control forces are transferred to the valve using geared motors to ensure that the forces are always available on demand. Suitable ratios guarantee that even extremely high actuating forces are transferred safely and reliably.

Electric actuators are normally operated manually, and can be switched off via configurable torque or travel limit switches. A standardized interface allows the actuators to be used for all common applications.

Hydraulic Actuators
These are characterized by their high actuating forces and speeds. Because of the double piping for the inflow and outflow of media, hydraulic actuators are only specified for technical applications that require them.

    We innovate – you benefit!

  1. Reliable power diaphragm:
      - High availability
      - Broad range of actuating force
      - Short actuating times
      - No hysteresis

  2. Reversible actuator:
      - Easy to maintain
      - One version for several applications

  3. Integrated air supply:
      - Ultra-high operational reliability
      - Compact design
      - Clear, easy-to-read instrumentation

  4. Compact design:
      - Minimal space required
      - Environmentally safe

  5. Low volume:
      - Quick response

  6. Special ventilation system:
      - Splash-proof in every installation position

  7. Large choice of materials:
      - Wide range of applications


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